Mark My Words courses are held at clients' own premises. Although Mark My Words is based in London, we will travel anywhere in the United Kingdom by arrangement. Mark My Words can also supply guest tutors in grammar and punctuation to business writing and communication training companies.



Business courses cost £600 per day or £350 for a half-day for up to six people; discounts are offered to registered charities. All pricing is calculated on a flat fee basis, rather than per person. College courses are tailored for each client and priced accordingly.


Proofing service

Mark My Words also offers a grammar checking service. Email us your important documents and let our experts ensure they are grammatically correct. This service costs from £25.00 per hour. Contact us for further details.

Corporate courses

All courses are tailored to the client's needs. However, our standard course includes:

• Basic rules of grammar

• Sentence structure

• How to use punctuation, including commas, colons, semi-colons and apostrophes

• Common errors in English and how to avoid them

Small groups of up to six students create the optimum learning environment and allow participants to gain the most benefit from the numerous practical exercises included in the course. Exercises are based on real examples of written English taken from newspapers, magazines, press releases, letters and web sites. The client's own corporate material may be used as part of the course material, if desired.

College courses

Correct grammar and punctuation are as important for future job applicants as they are for existing employees: without the right foundation in written English, graduates are less likely to land that vital first job. Indeed, many job applications are dismissed altogether because the recruitment manager can't understand the applicant's letter or c.v.

While correct grammar and punctuation offer a head start to all graduates, those studying journalism, public relations or secretarial skills have a pressing need to be able to communicate clearly. For this reason, Mark My Words has refined its business training modules for the college environment. Courses can extend the grammar and punctuation basics to include letter writing, production of press releases, news stories and other journalism or public relations output.

All college courses are developed individually to fit in with each institution's curriculum and to meet the specific needs of its students. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Editorial copywriting and proofing services for the press, business and industry

Practical training for businesses and colleges in English grammar and punctuation